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eVero digitalAGENCY™

 Integrated Care Management Platform™

Integrated Care Management Platform™

 Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Challenges & Solutions

 Challenges & Solutions

  • How can you do more with less?

  • Are you audit-ready?

  • Are you in compliance?

Our easy-to-use software solutions make electronic record keeping & integrated case management worry-free

Why Choose evero?

Why Choose Evero

  • Professional Case Management

  • Supportive IT Services

  • Effective Software Solutions

All of our products are customized to fit your needs and workflow.
We’ll work together to ensure you & your team have everything you need Evero Corporation

  • Electronic Health Record Software

  • Integrated Care Management Platform™

  • Managed IT Services

to manage an individual's complete long-term care.

ICM™ Platform ICM™ Platform


eVero's Integrated Care Management (ICM) Platform™ allow you to track an individual’s long-term care across multiple providers through the exchange of information.


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eVero digitalAGENCY™ Our software makes it easy to communicate with all of those involved in an individual’s long-term care. All of our products are customized to fit your needs and workflow.





As Healthcare workflow automation experts, we develop solutions that scale with the growth of your organization so you can successfully manage an individual’s long-term care.


eSUPPORT™ Login Phone: 516.747.4200 Email: support@evero.com To make it as simple as possible for you to maintain your system, we use an automated issue resolution system called eSUPPORT. Log on to eSUPPORT and complete an eTicket that will be promptly routed to one of our technicians. Because eSUPPORT is 100% web based, the system allows you to easily open a trouble ticket, readily interact with our support staff, and check the status of open tickets.


eVero partners are global companies that support the execution of eVero’s Enterprise Products and Services. Together, we invest and deliver to customers comprehensive solutions that address complex business challenges. Our Solution Partners provide eVero customers with the highest quality and greatest variety of products, services and solutions to maximize their investment.
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digitalAGENCY™ digitalAGENCY™


More than just an electronic health record software, digitalAGENCY™ is an innovative and comprehensive electronic care management solution that provides you with complete oversight of your entire agency.


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Managed Services Managed Services


eVero offers a wide range of managed service software solutions, including enterprise cloud solutions, IT support services, and professional management designed to optimize your workflow.


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