eVero Integrated Care Management Platform™

eVero Integrated Care Management Platform™


eVero ICM Platform™

As a healthcare provider, you’re probably using some type of electronic health record for the individuals you serve. But is your record system really paperless? Can you connect your records instantly with a network of other healthcare providers that also serve the same individual?

As the healthcare world moves towards a Managed Care Model, it is becoming more important to be able to interface with other agencies.

eVero has developed the Integrated Care Management (ICM) Platform™ to allow you to track an individual’s long-term care across multiple providers through the exchange of information.


eVero digitalAGENCY™ Software

eVero’s Enterprise Level Case Management Software digitalAGENCY™ is the first EHR of its kind to manage large-scale information, with the ability to share data across the continuum of care, in real time. By using digitalAGENCY™ driven by the eVero ICM Platform™, you will enjoy the advantage of a single platform that both runs both the continuum of care network as well as operates a single database for storing information. This single platform design allows your Agency to share large-scale data without file duplication. It also enables multi-level access to data, which means that your files will be organized and ready when audit time comes.


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eVero Integrated Care Management Platform™