Spend less time on data entry, and more time delivering quality care services.

digitalAGENCY™, eVero’s 100% paperless EHR module, is offered in 3 different packages – so you can choose a custom-fit solution that works for you.

digitalAGENCY™ Essentials

digitalAGENCY™ Essentials revolutionizes the way you manage care services – at the most competitive price point. Eliminate paper processes, collect service documentation, get access to powerful tools to foster success, and streamline your agency on the backend.


  • Staff Action Plans
  • Auto-Calculation of Billing Units based on attendance and service delivery
  • Native Mobile Apps – with offline capabilities
  • Individual/Family App
  • Reporting Tools
  • Document Tree
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Dashboards
  • Care coordination information
  • Eligibility & insurance tracking
  • Health information – including Diagnosis, Immunization, etc.
  • Electronic Visit Verification

digitalAGENCY™ Professional

Our digitalAGENCY™ Professional package was designed for Providers looking for increased transparency and communication. dA™ Professionals will help to fster communication, elevate your agency to achieve the qualitative components beyond our Essentials package.

includes everything from the Essentials package, as well as:

  • DSP Evaluations
  • Alerts
  • Chat messenger
  • Children’s program
  • Behavioral health
  • Work history & wage verification
  • Individual & Family Portal
  • Incidents

digitalAGENCY™ Enterprise

For providers looking for even more connectivity, there’s digitalAGENCY™ Enterprise. This package was built for Providers who require stronger analytics, more powerful workflows, and have more cases to manage.

Includes everything previously mentioned within the Essentials and Professionals packages, as well as:

  • Capture
  • Finance ledger
  • Encounters
  • APIs
  • SSO/MFA – single sign on
  • Chat with Video component
  • Rent fee
  • Workforce management