Spend less time on data entry, and more time delivering quality care services.

digitalAGENCY™, eVero’s 100% paperless EHR module, is offered in 3 different service editions – so you can choose a custom-fit solution that works for you.

digitalAGENCY™ Essentials

digitalAGENCY™ Essentials digitalAGENCY™ revolutionizes the way you manage care – at the most competitive price point. Eliminate paper processes, collect service documentation, get access to powerful tools, and streamline your agency on the back end. This edition
includes the following:


  • Staff Action Plans
  • Auto-Calculation of Billing Units based on attendance and service delivery
  • Native Mobile Apps – with offline capabilities
  • Individual/Family App
  • Reporting Tools
  • Document Tree
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Dashboards
  • Care coordination information
  • Eligibility & insurance tracking
  • Health information – including Diagnosis, Immunization, etc.
  • Electronic Visit Verification

digitalAGENCY™ Professional

Our digitalAGENCY™ Professional edition was designed for Providers looking for increased transparency and communication. dA™ Professional will help to foster communication, elevate your agency to achieve the qualitative components beyond our Essentials.

Includes everything from the Essentials package, as well as:


  • DSP Evaluations
  • Alerts
  • Children’s program
  • Behavioral health
  • Work history & wage verification
  • Individual & Family portal
  • Incidents

digitalAGENCY™ Enterprise

For providers looking for even more connectivity, there’s digitalAGENCY™ Enterprise. This edition was built for Providers who require stronger analytics, more powerful workflows and have more cases to manage.

Includes all capabilities from Essentials and Professional, as well as::

  • Capture
  • Finance ledger
  • Encounters
  • APIs
  • Chat messenger
  • SSO/MFA – single sign on
  • Chat with Video component
  • Rent fee
  • Workforce management