Empowering data-driven decision-making.


Your data tells a powerful story. It tells you about the people you serve and how you are doing, but it also can indicate where you are headed, or where you should be headed, as well as things that you may need to address. It shows you trends and operational metrics and can help you with decision-making, strategic planning, and forecasting. Our platform’s granular reporting options, along with customizable, intuitive analytic dashboards let you derive powerful insights from your data when and how you need them.

Leverage your data to create optimal care outcomes.

There is a treasure trove of information being stockpiled by your organization every day. This includes clients’ health records and demographics, budget data as well as program and service-specific information. The more data you have access to, the better. But there comes a point where the data collected can become overwhelming, and it can be unclear what the data is communicating and what you can do with it.

eVero unifies your varied data sources in a single platform, giving you powerful real-time insights that are reliable, accurate, and immediately ready to support you in making business and medical decisions. We offer numerous tools and resources to help you transform this data into meaningful information, to empower you with a better understanding of the industry, service trends, performance, and the needs of the people you support.

Unlock the power in your data.

Ways eVero brings you data to life include:

  • Reporting – With over 300 real-time reports available on our platform – that can be created, exported, shared, and saved at any time- you’ll have all the insights you need right at your fingertips. Access broad reports that outline things like billing trends, caregiver performance, and care plan status, or get more granular and pull local-level specifics by region, facility, or staff
  • Dashboards – Create custom reporting dashboards, organized and presented in a way that is easy to read and share, on items most important to you. Dynamic data visualizations like charts, pivot tables, and summary graphics provide insights on quality and performance measures to create internal efficiencies and improve client care.
  • Custom Data Modeling – If your agency has more specific data analysis needs you can work with our Data Scientist to develop models and prototype reports to meet your requirements.


We realize that every organization’s goals and approach are unique to them, but we all strive to give the best to our clients and community.  Providing your staff with easy access to comprehensive, accurate data will help them make more timely decisions, and provide better care. And these data insights will also help you manage your agency more efficiently, which will boost your bottom line. eVero can help you leverage your data to gain powerful insights which can lead to better outcomes for you and those you care for.