Helping Brokers Effectively Manage Your Entire Caseload


The eVero platform offers one unified place for Support Brokers to manage your entire Self-Direction caseload – even across multiple providers.  Create, organize, manage, and share person-specific documentation, and ensure that all information – from budgets to meetings to agreements – is in one place to ensure compliance.

Areas where eVero helps Support Brokers include:

Unified Caseload Management

  • The Broker portal offers a dashboard view of your entire caseload – even across multiple FIs – via a single User ID. Access individual case details and associated documents; develop and monitor budgets and Staff Action plans; document meetings; track agreements, and create and send invoices to the Fiscal Intermediary for billable time.


Realtime Budget Visibility

  • Our robust reporting options allow you to stay on top of everything budget and billing related for all of the Individuals you support. Gain insight on budget expenditures, dollars remaining, and usage trends, and set alerts to be notified when budgets get close to their cap.

Increased Efficiency

  • Eliminate paper and manual data entry! Our 100% paperless platform leverages automation, integrations, and technology – including our GPS-enabled mobile app – to optimize data collection and automated processes workflow. Documentation – including budgets, plans and meeting notes – and tasks are now completed faster with increased accuracy, so you can focus on more strategic issues.


Optimized Budget Creation & Management

  • Our connected platform lets you handle all budget tasks -from creation to tracking to modification – in one place. Create a brand-new budget from a system template, or upload an existing approved budget to manage. Built-in validation tools ensure that all budgets, whether they are newly created or amended, are compliant with the appropriate rules and requirements.

Simplified Communication

  • Our platform connects Support Brokers with Fiscal Intermediaries, Self-Hired staff, and the Individuals and Families they serve to allow all Circle of Care members to instantly communicate via text messaging and share budgets, documents, and reports in real time.

Dedicated Support & Continuing Education

  • There are four different ways – phone, e-mail, web, and chat – to contact our support team, giving you the flexibility to get assistance in whatever way works best. Plus, our education and training website eVero Ed offers a full library of written and recorded reference material, in addition to the numerous role-specific live webinars we conduct each month highlighting key features and best practices.