Where innovative technology meets human care.

With a proprietary, easy-to-use software platform that connects the entire care continuum and evolves as your needs do, eVero empowers outcomes for both caregivers and individuals with I/DD.

Go above and beyond care.

Powering a connected care ecosystem. Empowering you.

Our platform optimizes workflows while increasing transparency, productivity, and compliance, enabling providers, caregivers, and those supported to work together towards the best care possible.

Focus on the care you provide; not the technology around it.

One platform. A world of inclusion, insight & impact.

From Electronic Health Records and Self-Direction Services to Billing and Compliance, eVero’s integrated enterprise platform unifies your data so you can manage all facets of your business in one place.

Providers, Progress & Possibilities. eVero Brings them all together.

As I/DD industry needs evolve, so do we.

We support you every step of the way! We continually advance our technology to address changing requirements.  This ensures that our platform is always individualized, intuitive, and impactful.

Technology built for today with tomorrow in mind.

Data insights that inform and transform.

Bring clarity to your data! Our real-time reporting – from individualized metrics to big-picture analytics – drives timely, informed decision-making, empowering you to deliver the most personalized care possible.

Innovation begins with information.

Why eVero?

Our platform, processes and support model deliver impactful results today and into the future because everything we do at eVero follows these key pillars:

Our digital ecosystem empowers providers and caregivers to deliver more personalized services, and individuals with I/DD to take control of their lives.
We make everything easier. Our easy-to-use software simplifies processes, reporting and compliance, so you can focus on what you do best.
Rules, regulations and your needs are continually changing, so we evolve our technology today to deliver even more ease and impact tomorrow.

Who eVero Helps

We support the unique needs of the Health and Human Services community.


Streamlined process flows that boost transparency, compliance, and productivity.


Intuitive tools empower individuals to proactively manage their Self-Directed care.


Automation and integrations help simplify budgeting, documentation, and billing.


Unified caseload management with real-time insight into budget usage and trends.


Easy and accurate EVV and service data collection right at the point of care.

The eVero platform creates a digital ecosystem that empowers the entire care continuum to work together to ensure the best care possible.

Learn About eVero

eVero: The Connected I/DD Platform
Our Platform
A unified enterprise platform that optimizes workflows, increasing transparency and productivity.
eVero Mobile Apps
Our Mobile Apps
Native iOS and Android apps that extend the power of our platform to your smartphone and tablet.
eVero ACCELERATE I/DD billing platform
Our Billing Module
Submit claims faster, realize revenue sooner and manage all aspects of your billing process in one place.

Where eVero Helps

Electronic Health Records

eVero digitalAGENCY™
Bring order and clarity to documentation and reporting to elevate the level of care you provide.
Electronic Health Records (EHR)


Bring the care team and individuals together in a digital ecosystem to enable easy collaboration and timely, informed decision-making.
EMPOWER™ Self-Direction

Billing & Revenue Cycle

Optimize claim management and realize revenue faster with our comprehensive billing, payment, and revenue management module.
Billing & Revenue Cycle Management

Electronic Visit Verification

eVero EVV
Spend less time verifying service details and more time delivering care with easy-to-use data capture options.
Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Consumer-Directed Services

Personal Care Services
Simplify consumer-directed care programs with automated workflows, detailed reporting and streamlined data collection.
Personal Care Services (CDPAP)

Crisis Management

Crisis Response & Support
Tools and workflows promoting evidence-informed decision making to help support those with complex needs.
Crisis Response & Support

Community Outreach

Giving back to the community is a part of our company’s DNA.

eVero Outreach holds a variety of interactive seminars and trainings and participates in community events all designed to enhance the lives of individuals in the human services community that we serve.

eVero Outreach

Continuing Education & Training

Training doesn’t end after implementation.

We are committed to the continued success of all of our users. eVero Ed is the one-stop shop for eVero training and education, offering 24/7 online access to easy-to-understand written and video resources, plus live webinar schedules, software release breakdowns, and so much more.

eVero Ed

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Don't just take our word for it!

Brittany Hoosier
AIM Services, Inc.

“The eVero team are fantastic collaborators who listen to the needs of both the people being supported and the agency, and they provide solutions in a timely manner. They always stay up to date on all relevant regulations and policy changes to assure they are offering the most person-centered cutting-edge software.”

Ashley McLimans
Community Services for Every1

“eVero has been truly life-changing for the people we support!  Self-Direction is a volume program. The only platform that we have found that can handle volume and capacity while achieving efficiency and compliance is eVero.”

Melissa Short
Access: Supports for Living

“eVero is a true partner. The eVero team works side by side with their providers to make sure that the system meets their needs and they encourage development to create more efficiencies.”


Rebecca Mack
Heritage Christian Services

This is a game-changer!  I can’t imagine how we would navigate the COLA requirements without the tools that eVero has created.  eVero’s responsiveness to the needs of our FI teams has been so tremendously appreciated! Thank you so much eVero team!

Davian Gordon
Daybreak Independent Services

“eVero does a great job of listening to their users and implementing necessary changes quickly. They also stay up to date with industry changes and requirements.”

Frank Coluccio
The Arc Oneida-Lewis Chapter

“Our move to eVero could not have been more successful. It has simplified our administration processes, improved our claim accuracy, and allowed us to be way more efficient with our existing resources,  freeing up staff time to work on other more strategic projects. We’ve realized revenues faster than before and been able to significantly increase our caseload without having to add staff.”

Alexa Donnelly
Alexa Donnelly
Person Centered Care Services

“Moving to eVero has made everything simpler and more seamless. We now have easy access to information, which has allowed us to provide a higher level of customer service. And the safeguards that eVero builds into the system are invaluable. It catches missing documents, flags invalid data, and sends us alerts when we are out of compliance with requirements. It’s amazing! The more things we can move to eVero the better!”

Joy O’Shaughnessy
East End Disability Associates

“We are always impressed by eVero! Their team and their platform continually exceed our expectations, and they are sensitive and supportive of the mission of I/DD agencies, which is important to us.  They do what they say they are going to do, and always incorporate our feedback as part of their process.”

Gayle Pado

“Implementing eVero was a huge undertaking as can be expected with any EHR implementation. We have experienced four implementations now for various programs and departments over the past 2+ years. Each one gets easier. I can honestly say that it is nice working with a company that listens to it’s consumers and recommendations they make. It is even more amazing when the company goes beyond listening and implements the customers recommendations for improvement frequently! We feel like we are in a partnership with eVero and appreciate their focus on client success!”

Alida Thompson

“eVero is AMAZINGGGGG! I can talk all day about eVero, the staff, and dA. Helpful, accommodating, proactive, supportive, etc. digitalAGENCY is heavily used at YAI and liked by all staff. A wonderful application with a variety of uses, which makes workflows easier and more efficient. The eVero staff is great, never a bad conversation or interaction. Even when I feel I’ve exhausted all eVero/dA’s efforts, they still pull through.”

Learn More