Putting You in the Driver’s Seat to Manage Your Care


You chose Self-Direction to take charge of your services so you can live the life you want. eVero’s mission is to provide tools to help you do just that. Our secure web portal and mobile apps put you in control of all aspects of your care. You can view real-time statuses on budgets, reimbursements, and services delivered; submit and access required documentation; and track and communicate with your self-hired staff. You make all the decisions. We’re just here to help.

Areas where eVero helps you and your family manage your care include:

Easy Access to Information

  • eVero’s myCarePortalTM is your one-stop shop for Self-Direction! All your information– from budgets, plans, and school schedules to detailed service delivery documentation – is located in the portal, and can be securely accessed for anywhere, at any time. Even from your smartphone or tablet.

Real-time Budget Tracking

  • The eVero myCarePortal™ and myCarePortal™ mobile app lets you manage your Self-Direction budget online, right from your PC or mobile device. Access up-to-the-minute budget status updates, including items in progress, and create and track reimbursement requests and upload associated receipts.

Effortless Collaboration

  • myCarePortalTM connects you with your Agency, your Fiscal Intermediaries, the Support Broker, and all of the Self-Hired staff that supporting you, allowing this entire team to instantly communicate via text messages, and share documents and access reports in the fastest manner possible.  This way, you know that everyone is on the same page.

Increased Efficiency

  • Our platform to be 100% paperless, time-consuming, error-prone manual processes tasks are completed faster with increased accuracy.  Receipts can be directly uploaded in PDF or JPEG formats, expediting the approval process, and IDGS and OTPS mileage info can be directly entered all information is centrally stored and accessible 27/4 to the team members that need it.

Optimized Processes

  • Tedious tasks, like managing IDGS and OTPS mileage or submitting receipts are streamlined. Receipt images can be directly uploaded, saving time, eliminating data re-entry errors, and speeding up the approval process. Mileage is entered right into the portal or app, and the platform handles all calculations and submits the info to your FI for approval.  And you can track the status of all submissions in the portal as well.

Streamlined Documentation

  • myCarePortal™ leverages automation, integrations, and technology to optimize data collection and management. Artificial Intelligence seamlessly populates forms and documents, and built-in checks and balances ensure that service documentation is complete and compliant.  Automated alerts proactively inform you when documents are incorrect, missing, outdated, or expired.

21st Century Cures Act Ready!

  • EVV is built directly into our platform, and our flexible verification methods, including our GPS-enabled mobile app, allow Start/Stop time and other required data points to be easily and accurately recorded. This lets you easily track and monitor your staff, and gives you the data you need to approve their timecards.

Dedicated Support & Continuing Education

  • There are four different ways  – phone, e-mail, web, and chat – to contact our support team, giving you the flexibility to get assistance in whatever way works best. Plus, our education and training website eVero Ed offers a full library of written and recorded reference material, in addition to the numerous role-specific live webinars we conduct each month highlighting key features and best practices.