We support the unique needs of the Health and Human Services community.


Each individual has their own unique care needs. This means each organization involved in their care must see the big picture to make informed decisions. Unfortunately, this is often not the case.
That’s because, in a fragmented system, data may be collected and documented by multiple people. And this data is often siloed and not visible or accessible to the rest of the Individual’s care team—Making it impossible to make the most informed decisions on behalf of the individual.

eVero’s unified software platform builds a single connected ecosystem. This ecosystem is designed to link the Individuals receiving services with their network of care providers and circle of support.

The result is a paperless care environment that’s collaborative and compliant—Empowering Individuals to be in the driver’s seat of their own support and care.
Our tools and workflows have been purpose-built with the I/DD Community in mind. Our goal is to support the unique documentation requirements of site-based and community-based programs. This includes both traditional and self-directed service areas.

And there’s other good news.

The data in our platform ALWAYS follows the person. This means providers and the Individual can track the care delivered and received in real-time—Allowing everyone involved to better understand that person’s care needs and to make more timely & informed decisions.


  • TRADITIONAL HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES AGENCIES – Automation of key administrative functions, freeing up internal resources while ensuring that paperwork is complete and compliant.
  • FISCAL INTERMEDIARIES – Workflows designed to support budget tracking, documentation management, and billing compliance.
  • SUPPORT BROKERS – Online management of caseload, including budget creation, upload and management, meeting and training tracking; agreement, plan and support document archiving.
  • CAREGIVERS, DSPs & SELF-HIRED STAFF – Capture billable hour data and service documentation at the point of care from any iOS or Android device, complete with digital signature verification.
  • SELF-DIRECTING INDIVIDUALS &  THEIR FAMILIES – Real-time budget status updating, with tools empowering Individuals to schedule and track caregivers, and submit receipts for reimbursement.
  • GOVERNMENT AGENCIES – Tools for administrative oversight designed to fit the needs of the Long-Term Services & Supports (LTSS) community with an emphasis on population health metrics and reporting.


    • Community Habilitation
    • In-Home Respite
    • Pre-Vocational Community
    • Supported Employment (SEMP)
    • DayHab without walls
    • Supervised Individual Residential Alternatives (IRA)
    • Supportive Individual Residential Alternatives (IRA)
    • Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF)
    • Site-Based Pre-Vocational
    • Day Habilitation
    • Site-Based Respite