Maximizing Efficiencies for Fiscal Intermediaries


As a Fiscal Intermediary, to be efficient and effective in your job you need up-to-the-minute access to the profiles, plans, budgets, and service documentation of every person that you support. eVero’s connected I/DD platform securely brings all of this data together, digitally, in one place, while ensuring compliance with the often-changing Medicaid and State criteria, guidelines, and deadlines.

Areas where eVero helps Fiscal Intermediaries include:

Maintain Timely Communication

  • eVero’s platform connects FIs with all Circle of Care members so they can instantly and effortlessly collaborate. FI’s can easily share approved service documents with Support Brokers, expediting the Medicaid claim processes, and the SMS functionality within the system sends immediate text messages to self-hired staff when items are missing or incomplete.

Optimize Budget Management

  • Triple your budget management capacity without eliminating staff. The platform handles all budget tasks – creation, validation, import, and export – from within. Everything is electronically generated and validated with automated controls, allowing team members to view and track individual progress, allocations, YTD Actual spending, and remaining budget and hours all in real-time.

Increase Efficiency & Accuracy

  • Our 100% paperless platform pulls data directly from source systems, which enables tasks to be completed faster with increased accuracy. This saves your team time, expedites your revenue cycle, and lets your team focus on more strategic issues.

Ensure Compliance

  • Regulatory: We stay on top of all federal regulatory data protection requirements so you don’t have to. We follow strict HIPAA, HITECH Act, and SHIELD Act guidelines, so all data and documents are always secure.
  • Programmatic: we proactively monitor state program regulations and documentation requirements and flag invalid or missing information before it becomes impactful. Rest assured that items like billing rules, including variable reimbursement rates for Self-Hired staff, are directly incorporated into in to the platform’s workflows.

Gain Data Insights

  • Portal dashboards and customizable widgets provide real-time access to the data points that are most vital to you, including snapshots of all Individuals with PRAs. 300+ report options offer more detailed views into your agency and those you support, such as expenditure details for all budgets managed. The Data Export tool allows you to proactively create and rapidly distribute monthly expenditure reports to all relevant parties.

Save Valuable Time

  • Our platform simplifies tasks like service documentation collection, staff scheduling, invoice creation, and budget management, including IDGS & OTPS tracking. All files are digital and logically organized so they are easy to locate, ensuring that your team is armed with all the information they need when they are audited.

Simplify Electronic Visit Verification

  • EVV is built directly into our platform, ensuring that every direct support professional visit complies with the 21st Century Cures Act. Flexible verification methods, including our GPS-enabled mobile app, allow Start/Stop time and other required EVV data points to be easily and accurately recorded, regardless of location, and electronic signatures streamline the approval process.

Expedite your Billing Cycle

  • Efficiently create and submit claims for all programs authorized in the Self-Direction budget – including broker, housing subsidy, IDGS, OTPS, and Self-Hired staff right in the system!  Enable Brokers to approve your service docs in half the time it previously took, so you can submit claims to Medicaid within days not weeks. Built-in data validation tools, eligibility checks, rules, and calculations ensure that claim submissions are error-free, eliminating delays from rejections.