Our Infinity Development Cycle

At eVero, our software platform is never a finished product. Our systems and apps are all created, and modified, by our in-house development team, and we’re always looking for ways to enhance our offerings and introduce new features, functionalities, and capabilities year-round. As a result, our software development process is not a single, static plan – it’s a continuous cycle that never fully completes. We call it the eVero Infinity development cycle.

RESEARCH – We monitor industry trends, regulatory guidelines, and end-user feedback to identify potential areas of need. We highly value user input and actively seek feedback – via regular user group meetings, surveys, etc. – to identify potential changes to feature sets, reporting options, and/or the user interface.

PLAN – Our Software Development and Product Management teams consider all items identified in the Research stage, evaluating feasibility and determining cost, manpower, and resource requirements for each. They then define a prioritized list of items to move forward with for the next release.

DESIGN – Our Development Team translates business requirements from the selected items into a framework for the desired workflows and feature sets. This framework is then reviewed by the Product Management team to ensure functionality and viability.

BUILD –The Software Development team codes the software to add the new features and functionality and/or enhance existing capabilities in accordance with the approved framework.

TEST – All items undergo technical tests to make sure they work as designed and coded, and business tests to ensure they function properly, and efficiently and deliver the expected business outcomes. Quality assurance testing (QA) is also part of this stage.

RELEASE –After successful testing, the release of the new items into production is scheduled. A detailed Release Notes document is created and posted on eVero Ed, and email notifications are sent to users summarizing the benefits and highlighting available webinar training sessions and written resources.

MAINTAIN – Our team monitors the usage and application health of the newly released items to identify any recurring issues or possible vulnerabilities. User feedback is used to ensure that the new functionality is meeting user needs, and to get ideas for possible improvements.