Continually evolving to support better outcomes.


Whether you’re a broker, an agency, a family member, an individual, or anyone else within the care team, we’re here to support you. You need ease of use, you expect exceptional care and support – that’s why we continually evolve our software to meet the needs of today while anticipating industry changes or new requirements and enhancing user experiences on our platform. With over two decades of experience, eVero is a pioneer in providing innovative software to meet your evolving and complex needs.

At eVero, our software platform is never a finished product. Our systems and apps are all created, and modified, by our in-house development team, and we’re always looking for ways to enhance our offerings and introduce new features, functionalities, and capabilities year-round. When you work with us, feel confident that we are here to empower you to do your best with the support of an easy-to-use platform that is always evolving to meet your needs.

Our development process is not static, it’s a continuous cycle that never fully completes. We call it the eVero Infinity development cycle:


  • Research – We monitor industry trends, regulatory guidelines, and user suggestions to identify areas of need. We highly value user input and actively seek feedback – via regular user group meetings, surveys, etc. – to identify potential changes to feature sets, reporting options, and/or the user interface.
  • Plan – Using the research gathered, our Software Development and Product Management teams evaluate the findings to determine which enhancements will bring the most value to our customers and impact the most users. They then define a prioritized list of items to move forward with for the next release.
  • Design – Our Development Team translates business requirements from the selected items into a framework for the desired workflows and feature sets. This framework is then reviewed by the Product Management team to ensure functionality, viability, and client satisfaction.
  • Build – Once the design plan is set, the Software Development team codes the software to add new features and functionality and/or enhance existing capabilities following the approved framework. What you experience on the front end is a well-researched and planned interface.


  • Test – On the back-end there are multiple rounds of testing to ensure a seamless experience for all users.  All updates undergo technical tests to ensure they work as designed and coded, and business tests to see if they function properly, and efficiently and deliver the expected business outcomes. Quality assurance testing (QA) is also part of this stage.
  • Release – After successful testing, the new items go into the production schedule. To help you understand the updates, a detailed Release Notes document is created and posted on eVero Ed, and email notifications are sent to users summarizing the benefits and highlighting available webinar training sessions and written resources. Rest assured that with each release, we’re here to help you understand the value and impact!
  • Maintain – The job is not done after the release!  Our team monitors the usage and application health of the newly released items to find any recurring issues or possible vulnerabilities. We solicit user feedback to make sure the new functionality is meeting user needs, and to get ideas for possible improvements to continue to evolve our platform to support better health outcomes.


Recent Software Release Highlights

March 2024 Release

  • Billing Module (ACCELERATE)  – Added a new process for claims to allow for the ability to Reverse Payment and push the claims back to the Payment Pending bucket if the transmission type is CSV, X12, SELF Pay, or Voucher.
  • Dashboard/Widget Update – The Document Status widget now includes new categories so users can now see documents due for 45 days and 60+ days.
  • Employee Time Module – Employee Time Reviews now include more detailed User and Time info, and will clarify which portal users have reviewed group sessions, as well as which reviews are remaining.

December 2023 Release

  • Incidents Module: Added functionalities within this module to refine our users’ workflows, offering capabilities such as filtering removed incidents, additional screen permissions, follow-up statuses, and more.
  • Encounters Module: Enhanced the capabilities of this module to elevate our users’ workflows. This involves introducing four new filters to streamline task management, providing opportunities to include detailed descriptions, upgrading table views, and implementing various other enhancements.

September 2023 Release

  • New Widgets: Enhanced our overall web interface with more widgets such as the Rollover Budget Widget, DPPS/ASSD Cap Widget, and Improved Waiver Status Widget to optimize information transparency for users.
  • New Features for Individual and Facility Modules: Both modules have undergone enhancements, incorporating new lists, fields, and functionalities. These updates are designed to empower users to oversee their facilities or manage individuals more efficiently.

Recent Software Release Highlights

June 2023 Release

  • Broker and FI Portal: The Broker and FI portals have undergone updates, resulting in a streamlined workflow and enhanced user-friendliness. These improvements aim to offer users a more efficient and user-centric experience.
  • Mobile Web Availability:
    The Employee Time and Encounters module have undergone optimization to seamlessly integrate with the Mobile App, encompassing enhanced UI updates and additional features.

March 2023 Release

  • Analytics Dashboard: A new module featuring dashboard views designed to consolidate the agency’s demographic, billing, and attendance data into a unified and easily accessible interface.
  • Manage Users Revamp: Fresh, new look and smoother workflow have been incorporated into the module.

Recent eVeroPortal App Release Highlights

March 2024 eVeroPortal Release

  • Simplified Invoice Interface: Eliminated the Processed status on the Invoice Approval/Payment interface to improve navigation on the Invoice screen.
  • Facility Module – Enhanced Tracking with “Exceeded Authorized Daily Limit” Feature; added ability to track non-authorized locations via Geofencing, and added a new program setting for Activity Log Tracking per Shift.
  • ISS/ FSS – Added new fields to Vendor Management profile, a new review option for Traditional and SDS Housing billing activity logs, and drag and drop capabilities on the Housing Subsidy Vendor Management Page.


November 2023 eVeroPortal Release

  • DSP Evals: We’ve streamlined the DSP evaluation process by seamlessly incorporating it into our app, ultimately saving them valuable time and effort.
  • Enhanced User Feedback: Users can effortlessly share their feedback in new surveys with our new notification banner.

April 2023 eVeroPortal Release

  • Invoice: The Invoice screens underwent enhancements incorporating new features to improve transparency, streamline workflows, and mitigate potential human errors. These upgrades include additions such as monthly budget warnings, new filters, and an invoice history feature.
  • Dashboard: The new advanced myCarePortal dashboard has become the landing page for the everoPortal app.

Recent eVeroMobile App Release Highlights

January 2024 eVeroMobile Release

  • Overtime Management: Set warning alerts based on the total time worked across all programs, including agencies using Auto Employee Time..
  • Covid-19 Vaccine and Test Results: Display setting can now be modified directly in the Admin Toolbox
  • Enhanced Geo-fencing: Now ensures location verification at the end of each session (in addition to start)

October 2023 eVeroMobile Release

  • Semp Note: We enhanced DSPs’ capabilities by enabling them to seamlessly incorporate Service, Valued Outcome, and Methodology details into their Service Notes using the SEMP Note module. This enhancement significantly boosts efficiency in their workflow.
  • Documents Module: We have improved the image rendering and scanning capabilities for individual and employee documents. Additionally, we’ve introduced the ability to convert uploaded documents into PDFs from the Document Tree, empowering users to have quality documentation and flexible export options.

January 2023 eVeroMobile Release

  • Site-based location capture: Users can now streamline location capture for non-session-based programs through Punch in/out, allowing customizable responses in alignment with agency rules, and prompting staff to meet established requirements.
  • Document Review: The Admin Toolbox now features an extra setting enabling the activation of document review specifically for site-based programs. This enhancement empowers administrators with increased oversight over documents entering the system.