Bringing clarity to the unique management and
compliance challenges of the I/DD community.


As technology evolves, the need to deliver support services to a wider group of people grows with it. eVero has a variety of easy-to-use online tools in place – all designed and continually enhanced by our in-house software development team – to simplify data collection, service documentation, case management, and reporting for all users. Easy-to-ready, customizable dashboards offer agency staff, providers, FIs and brokers direct access to the workflows, reporting, and analytics that they need to ensure that they are providing the best care possible to their clients. Likewise, MyCarePortal™ and the eVeroPortal™ mobile app put Individuals and Families in full control of their Self-Direction budgets, required documentation, and self-hired staff online, right from their computer or smartphone.


MyCarePortal™ for Individuals & Families

eVero’s MyCarePortal™ and the eVeroPortal™ App lets Individuals access the eVero platform right from their PC or mobile device.  Once logged in, users can view and manage Self-Direction budgets, access required documentation, and track and communicate with self-hired staff. Other items include:

  • Real-time budget status updates, including items in-process
  • Session attendance logs
  • Employee time worked tracking
  • Reimbursement receipt submission & categorization
  • DSP Core Competency Interview tool for staff evaluations
  • Info sharing with FI (monthly expenditure report)
  • Electronic signatures to expedite approval process

Support Broker view

Portal view specifically catering to Internal & external brokers to ensure compliance standards

  • Dashboard view of all caseloads
  • Upload, create, and export budgets online
  • Document meetings and agreements
  • Training record tracking
  • Agreement & external document archiving
  • Invoice creation to FI for monthly billable time
  • Circle of Support meeting tracking
  • Self-Hired Plan Creation
  • Electronic signatures with timestamp for compliance documentation

Agency/ Self Hired Staff view

For agency & staff to collect and submit point-of-care information and ensure documentation compliance

  • Time & attendance – Punch in/Punch out
  • Document billable time against an approved Habilitation Plan
  • GPS functionality in mobile app enables tracking verifies service location
  • Ability to document offline (if necessary) for service delivery in limited-reception areas
  • Employee Time Module records Start/Stop times against specific program/reason and Individual to associate to the appropriate cost-center
  • Capture and affix electronic signatures with timestamp for compliance documentation

Fiscal Intermediaries view

For FI’s accessing profiles of Individuals they support and related budgets and service documentation

  • Snapshot of all Individuals with PRA and budget amounts
  • ‘Budget to Actual’ view of all budgets managed
  • Process Broker billing & send payments via integrated A/P system
  • Process invoices and reimbursement requests.
  • Receive, edit and approve IDGS & OTPS receipts
  • Automatic calculation of IDGS & OTPS carryover
  • Create and rapidly distribute monthly expenditure reports
  • Billing rules, including variable reimbursement rates for Self-Hired staff, are built into platform Electronic signatures with timestamp for compliance documentation

300+ Standard Reports

The Reports module of the eVero portal offers over 300 standard reports across 30 categories that can be created, exported, shared, and saved at any time.  Access broad reports detailing things like billing trends, caregiver performance, care plan status; or more, or get more granular and pull local-level specifics by region, facility, or staff.  Report categories include:

  • Accounts Payable
  • ADL (by Behavior, Facility, Service & Task)
  • Attendance
  • Billing
  • Billing Claims
  • Broker
  • Budget
  • Case Management
  • Demographics
  • DSP Evaluation
  • Eligibility

  • Employee
  • Employee Time
  • Encounter
  • Enrollment
  • Facility
  • Finance Ledger
  • Housing ISS
  • Incident
  • Payroll
  • Response To Service Daily
  • Service Plan