Read how agencies and teams find success with eVero.


Our case studies are designed to provide varied, in-depth, real-life examples of how eVero can help health and human services agencies. eVero works hand-in-hand with our partner clients to explore the multi-faceted way our solutions have caused changes in their natural contexts. This helps every party to gain a broader appreciation of the different ways eVero has affected business practices, organizational efficiency, and valued outcomes.


“Real-time data transparency – for us and the families that we support – and the way it has mitigated the time and effort spent on customer service inquiries, was the largest measure of efficiency that we found”

Support Brokers

“The system is functional and fabulous, and the eVero team is fantastic! The reports and widgets let me keep an eye on every budget every month to help me ensure that I am offering full services to everyone that I support.”


“Before eVero, it was taking us almost 90 days to submit a Medicaid claim, which was unmanageable. Once we implemented the eVero solution, that spread was cut in half.”

Electronic Health Records

“Moving to digitalAGENCY™ has made everything simpler and more seamless. We now have easy access to information, which has allowed us to provide a higher level of customer service.”

Billing/ Revenue Cycle Management

“eVero has helped us be way more efficient with our existing resources and freed up staff time to work on more strategic projects. We’ve been able to significantly increase our caseload without having to add staff.”

EVV/ Self-Direction

“We have no idea how we managed before eVero! We came from an all-paper process and can honestly say transitioning to eVero made our work MUCH more transparent, accessible for sharing, more efficient and organized”

Consumer-Directed Programs (CDPAP)

“eVero is a true partner. They work side-by-side with us to make sure that the platform meets our needs, and they always encourage development to create more efficiencies.”

Fiscal Intermediary

“The system is logically organized, so it’s simple to find documents when you need them, and built-in compliance features track requirements, so we’re covered when we are audited.”