ACCELERATE™ Your Entire Revenue Cycle.


ACCELERATE, eVero’s comprehensive billing, payment, and revenue management solution, gives you full control of your Medicaid, State-Paid, Self-Paid, and MCO billing right from the eVero platform. Optimized workflows collect service details from our platform database and efficiently generate, validate, submit and track electronic claims, so you get paid as fast as possible! Customizable dashboard views let you track actual revenue and potential receivables, giving you real-time visibility into your cash flow. And with no clearinghouse or third-party billing provider fees, your processing costs are reduced as well.

Submit Claims Faster

  • Since all required service data is captured by and stored on our platform, claims can be created, approved, and submitted the same day that service is delivered. Batch order submissions are also supported.

Realize Revenue Sooner

  • Our streamlined claims process eliminates delays associated with obtaining service data from outside EMR systems or reviewing and resubmitting denied claims, so you receive payments faster.

Ensure Claim Accuracy

  • Data validation tools built into our platform, combined with daily Medicaid eligibility checks, verify that each claim is coded properly and error-free before being submitted.

Reduce Costs

  • Save money by eliminating fees for third-party billing providers and clearinghouses, and the manpower costs associated with manual verification checks, denied claim management, and report creation.

Manage the Entire Revenue Cycle

  • Customizable dashboards provide insight into actual and potential cash flow – which includes payments, current accounts receivable, and projected receivables.

Preview Projected Cash Flow

  • Since eVero is the system of record for service delivery we can automatically provide a preview of future revenue from services delivered but not yet billed.

Increase Operational Efficiency

  • Automated alerts ensure that time-sensitive items, such as the Medicaid 90-day submission deadline or ePaces recertification, are never overlooked and don’t lapse or expire.

Be Audit-Ready

  • All submitted claims are linked to the actual service records stored on our platform, providing easy access to support documentation to simplify the audit process.

Other ACCELERATEhighlights:

  • Cloud-based; automatically updated to meet regulatory and compliance changes
  • Easily integrates with third-party Accounting, General Ledger, and EMR systems
  • Conducts daily Intake Claim and Medicaid Eligibility verification checks
  • Standard and customized report options, all exportable
  • Unparalleled support, from onboarding to Help Desk (email, phone, chat). At no extra cost.
  • 100% HIPAA EDI Compliant


ACCELERATE Medicate Billing software





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