New levels of transparency, accountability and oversight


The eVero platform creates a collaborative, compliant, 100% paperless environment where all data follows the person. Add integrations and process automation, and you get a comprehensive, connected ecosystem that increases data availability, timeliness and transparency. This makes everybody that is involved in a person’s care more efficient and better informed.

Areas where eVero helps Federal, State, and Local government agencies include:

Comprehensive Oversight

  • The eVero platform connects government staff with Fiscal Intermediaries (FIs), Support Brokers, self-hired staff, and families with Role-Based access control, so every facet of an Individual’s services is captured and managed in one platform. All documents and reports can be accessed in real-time through specialized and secure portals, promoting efficiency and strengthening accountability.

Reporting & Data Analytics

  • Customizable dashboards and broad reporting options provide the real-time insights needed to drive data-driven decisions. Create, view, and export reports on trends, performance and program status to understand and influence the experiences of funded program participants.  Identify trends and patterns at the Agency, Program, and Individual levels. Monitor the overall service delivery efforts, as well as variations in services or performance across locations and/or disparities in access to services.

Connected Data

  • Secure system-to-system integrations, using a common Application Programming Interface (API), seamlessly connect Government systems and provider agencies, regardless of software type, to enable data, budget, and documentation sharing with agencies, FIs, and Support Brokers.

Automation and AI 

  • Manual, time-intensive tasks, such as the Self-Direction budgeting process, are automated, which shortens timeframes and increases accuracy. Known, verified information is prepopulated in forms and documents, saving time and eliminating manual mistakes. Built-in data validation tools and automated approval processes minimize errors and rejections, further increasing efficiency

Built-in Compliance

  • We incorporate all Federal, State, and Local regulatory, compliance, and quality control components into our platform. As rules change, system workflows are automatically updated to align with new requirements. Built-in checks and balances ensure that all documents collected are complete and compliant, and all information is fully encrypted, centrally stored, and accessible 27/4 from any device.

Data Security & Integrity

  • Data security is our highest priority. Our platform and workflows follow HIPAA, HITECH Act, and SHIELD Act guidelines, so data and documents are always safe and secure from unauthorized access, but accessible when you need it with a wide set of available user permissions to prevent unwanted changes.

Broad Program Support

  • Purpose-built workflows support the unique needs of the full range of traditional I/DD site-based and community-based services, including Community Habilitation, In-Home Respite, Pre-Vocational Community, Supported Employment (SEMP), DayHab, Supervised & Supportive Individual Residential Alternatives (IRA), Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF), Pre-Vocational programs, and more!

Dedicated Support & Continuing Education

  • There are four different ways – phone, e-mail, web, and chat – to contact our support team, giving you the flexibility to get assistance in whatever way works best. Plus, our education and training website eVero Ed offers a full library of written and recorded reference material, in addition to the numerous role-specific live webinars we conduct each month highlighting key features and best practices.