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You want to focus on providing quality care and need a simple way to track it. With Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) technology, you can use devices, such as a smartphone or tablet, to electronically record when a caregiver begins and ends service delivery. The 21st Century Cures Act mandates that home health agencies utilize EVV for all state Medicaid-funded in-home services. To achieve this, many providers implement standalone EVV solutions, which could result in manual data entry, disrupted workflows, and delayed billing. 

At eVero, EVV is seamlessly integrated into our platform, so you’ll benefit from faster, more efficient workflows and real-time visibility into service delivery, while consistently maintaining compliance. With three easy-to-use data capture methods, caregivers will spend less time verifying service details, and more time delivering care.  They simply check in upon arrival, check off service tasks as they are delivered, and check out when the visit is complete.  All collected EVV service detail is then populated in service documentation, used for billing, and submitted directly to your State’s aggregator. 

A proven, experienced EVV provider

eVero has been empowering outcomes for both caregivers and individuals for 20+ years and helping HHCS Agencies meet EVV requirements since they were introduced. We were one of the first EVV vendors selected to send test data to the NYS Aggregator in 2020, and since then, we have successfully facilitated over 4.2 million claims submissions. The data points that we collect, vet and submit include:

 The type of service provided
 The date of the service provided
 The location of the service delivery
The time the service begins & ends
 Information about the individual providing the service
 Information about the individual receiving the service

Effortlessly capture the right data at the right place. Every time.

We offer flexible options – including a GPS-enabled mobile application, landline telephony (Telephony Visit Verification), or Fixed Object (FOB) devices- enabling all of the required data points to be easily tracked and recorded, regardless of location, even when connectivity is not available.

Optimize the caregiver’s time in the field

eVero’s integrated EVV offers both providers and caregivers a seamless visit documentation experience. Easy-to-use data collection tools mean staff will spend less time logging shift details and more time delivering care. Plus, they can access and modify schedules, plans, visit notes, and other records right from the point of care, maximizing their time spent with clients.

Speed up processes to accelerate your revenue cycle

Our streamlined EVV data collection keeps your service documentation timely, accurate, and compliant. Integrating this with your workflows eliminates manual data re-entry from paper timesheets, saving you time and minimizing errors. This speeds up your billing cycle, so you’ll realize revenue faster.

Focus Less on compliance and more on care

You don’t need multiple systems to maintain compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act – the eVero platform does it all. We relentlessly monitor state-specific EVV regulations and aggregator requirements and ensure that our workflows always follow suit, so you can focus your attention on those you support.

Reach new levels of accountability and transparency

Stay informed with real-time insights. Verifying clock-in, clock-out, and service details at the time of service delivery introduces increased accountability for caregivers and provides a higher level of visibility to providers and payers. This insight also acts as a deterrent for fraud, waste, and abuse.

Mobile App, Telephony, or FOB. Which one is for you?

It’s your choice!

  • The eVeroMobile App allows us to instantly and effortlessly verify all of the required elements of EVV. GPS functionality in the app confirms service location and captures when field staff punches in and out of a visit. The app will even record and store this data when there is no network connectivity, thus this method of EVV allows for services to be provided virtually anywhere.
  • For staff without a smartphone, Telephony Visit Verification (TVV) can be used to document real-time start/stop and record services by using a registered landline at the home of the individual. The staff follows a series of prompts through the phone to provide staff clock-ins and other important service details in real-time
  • If a landline is not an option, staff can record the real start and stop time of care services through the use of a Fixed Object (FOB) random number generator. This helps us to ensure that all of the requirements for EVV are achieved in even the least tech-enabled environment.

Case Study

I/DD agency simplifies EVV processes and doubles Self-Direction caseloads with eVero.

Racker, a 70-year-old agency, saw Self-Direction as a huge growth opportunity but it knew it needed to replace its labor-intensive, paper-centric, manual administrative processes to be successful.

It turned to eVero to empower its team more efficiently collect, coordinate, and track all the people, systems, EVV, documentation, and compliance requirements involved with Self-Direction.

Read the full Case Study to learn how eVero helped Racker reach new levels of efficiency, productivity, and transparency enabling it’s team to double the number of cases it supports!

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