Partnering with you to ensure long-term success.


At eVero, we are passionate about our clients’ success. When you become an eVero client, you don’t just gain a robust and user-friendly software platform, you gain access to our Client Services team, a diverse team of advocates that know our industry inside and out, but also will take the time to understand your unique business goals.  This Client Services team will be by your side through your eVero journey:  from onboarding and training your team to continually ensuring that your agency is getting the most out of our software platform.




eVero’s multi-phase implementation approach gives new clients the instruction and hands-on guidance needed to successfully get up and running on the eVero platform.  A dedicated Client Success Manager will partner with you to determine the needs of your organization and then design a customized training program, complete with timelines.

When needed, an Integration Specialist can be brought into the Implementation process to assist with any desired 3rd party system integrations.

Project Management

Prior to implementation, new clients are also assigned a dedicated Project Coordinator to walk you through initial setup tasks and ensure that required documentation has been completed and necessary system integrations have been identified.  This person will also utilize Project Management software to track the implementation and increase transparency and communication. Project status calls are scheduled throughout the implementation to update all parties on progress and red flags and keep the project moving forward.

Clients will designate a Project Lead to act as the main point of contact for logistics and scheduling. Power Users — staff members who will be using the system most frequently — are also identified.

Specialized Training Sessions

All eVero training plans are tailored to fit the needs of each client but incorporate the below meeting types. All sessions are conducted online, recorded for future reference, and tracked for accountability via our online project management tool.

Overview Intro Call An initial call to introduce the team, set expectations, provide an overview of the training plan, and review documentation and open items from Pre-Training.

Integration Call(s) Required for each integration purchased (payroll, billing, accounts payable), with the clients’ project lead coordinating calls between their vendor(s) and the eVero team.

System Overview Call A informational session to provide the entire client team- including all FI Team Members, HR, Billing, and Accounts Payable – with an understanding of the eVero platform and how will help them.

Admin Training Call Specific to Power Users, this session details how to configure permissions, add new users, change permissions for existing users, reset passwords, and other administrative functions.

Project Status Calls Recurring calls with the Project team to review the Project Management status board, discuss open items, identify next steps and schedule future sessions. We want to make sure everyone is clear on.

Detailed Software Module Calls Hands-on sessions, complete with homework assignments, organized by software module and user type (Power Users, Brokers, FI’s, etc.). Sessions are 1 to 2-hours in length and specific to the identified module/use.

Account Management

Once implementation is complete, your users will be up and running with confidence, but additional support is always available just in case.

An Account Manager is assigned to be the point person for your account moving forward. He/She will make sure that your organization is aware of all new systems, updates, trainings, and requirements. Overall, this person’s goal is to ensure that clients are positioned for continued success and leverage the eVero platform to its maximum potential.

Our digital continuing education website, eVero Ed, is available 24/7 and regularly updated with the latest training and education materials. Here you can find guidance documents, videos, detailed release notes, upcoming training sessions, and user manuals — which are useful for existing users and can be incorporated into an onboarding process for new hires.  eVero’s online User Forums are also a helpful way to learn best practices, share use cases and make suggestions about potential system enhancements.

Support Services

The eVero Help Desk is another resource for software support if an issue arises.  Available via phone, web, e-mail or chat, our support team is comprised of seasoned Subject Matter Experts who understand the distinct business needs of Provider Agencies and non-profit organizations.

We have multiple levels and teams of support.  Triage handles incoming chat and email requests, while Tiers I and II work to ensure that the eVero platform remains up and running smoothly while communicating key issues back to the Development teams.

Further, you do not have to reach us exclusively through a designated support contact at your organization; any person can reach out to eVero Support directly during our normal business hours. Our Team is equipped to support Individual & Family users, DSPs, and Brokers, all the way up to Power Users and Executives!