One platform. A world of inclusion, insight, and impact.


Everyone involved in an Individual’s care must be working together to ensure the highest quality of services possible. However, when data and documentation are collected and saved in different places,  important data is not accessible to the entire team.  And that makes it much harder to make timely, informed decisions about the Individual’s care needs. eVero can help.

eVero’s easy-to-use all-in-one software platform optimizes workflows while increasing transparency and productivity, creating a digital ecosystem that empowers providers, caregivers, and the Individuals you support to work together to ensure the best care possible.

With powerful system integrations, comprehensive reporting – from individualized metrics to big-picture analytics – and proactive support from a dedicated team, our paperless, compliant platform is the all-in-one solution to provide and manage optimal care. 

With the eVero platform, the entire care team – from Provider Agencies to Fiscal Intermediaries to Support Brokers and care staff – can collaborate in real-time to more confidently manage care, while Individuals and their families have full transparency into their budgets, caregivers, and services delivered and scheduled.

Multiple Modules. One Connected Ecosystem

The eVero Platform is your one-stop, comprehensive I/DD solution that empowers outcomes for caregivers and individuals in many ways. From electronic health records (digitalAGENCY™), Self-Direction (EMPOWER™ SDS), and Billing and Revenue Management (ACCELERATE™), to EVV, PCS, and Crisis Response & Support, you pick the modules you need for the outcomes you want.

Plus, the platform also offers comprehensive reporting, from individualized metrics to big-picture analytics, and all of the data is fully encrypted, HIPAA and HITECH Act compliant, and accessible 24/7 via the web or mobile apps.

So goodbye, disjointed, complex, and inefficient— And hello, individualized, intuitive, and impactful. With our platform and people behind you, improved outcomes and total empowerment are ahead.


Our connected ecosystem links the Individual receiving services, and their data and documentation, with their care team, fostering effortless collaboration. So, rest assured that we’ll make it easy to achieve better health outcomes.

Fully Connected

Be confident in your data! Our platform acts as the central connecting point between providers and payroll, billing, HR, and accounting systems. So, you have the confidence that everyone is working with the most up-to-date information.

100% Compliant

We understand the sensitive nature of your data. Our workflows incorporate HIPAA, HITECH, SHIELD Act, and EVV best practices and are built to meet state and local requirements. So, you always know your data is safe and we’ve got your back if audited.

Highly Efficient

Focus more on care, and less on data entry. Our platform is 100% paperless, with automated processes and workflows, so tasks are completed faster and with increased accuracy. So, you can be confident we’ll make your job easier.

Always Transparent

Customizable dashboards and detailed reports provide up-to-the-minute insight to all user types. From individualized metrics to big picture data, our reporting options puts modern analytics into everyone's hands.

Continually Evolving

Our cloud-based platform is built for today with tomorrow in mind. As requirements change, so do we. We regularly assess our processes and the regulatory environment to evolve our software. So, you can be confident we’re here to meet your needs and help you stay in compliance.

What do our clients think?

The eVero Platform is comprehensive, easy to navigate and easy to understand. It keeps up to date with new and changing regulations, which helps to keep us in compliance with OPWDD requirements.

Jhomel S.

The eVero platform and mobile apps are top notch and extremely user friendly. It handles all of our needs and provides an excellent level of visibility and functionality for the individuals we support.

Meg G.
AIM Services

We can continue to expand and support more people knowing that we have the eVero platform to maintain the growth.

Lynn N.
People Inc.

eVero is wonderful platform that is easy to use and very functional. Everything is right there at the click of a button.

Kim M.
Upstate Caring Partners