Caring for those who provide care.


Providing care in the HCBS community is complicated. Each day is different and filled with challenges – including time-consuming documentation requirements. eVero’s platform and mobile apps simplify your daily administrative tasks – including EVV data capture, timecards, and documenting services delivered – so you can spend more time doing what you love, providing care. So, whether you are Self-Hired or working with Traditional Service Providers, eVero can help you minimize the time you spend administration, so you can maximize your time helping others.

If you are a Caregiver, eVero will help you:

Communicate better.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had one centralized place to communicate with the entire care team – including Fiscal Intermediaries, Support Brokers, and the Individuals and Families that you serve? With eVero’s platform and mobile app, you can easily share documents, access reports, and communicate directly with each other in real-time. All information is organized by the Individual receiving services, thus giving all team members access to the information they need to deliver the best services.


Simplify documentation tasks.

With so many documentation requirements, you need something simple! So go ahead, put away those paper forms and handwritten notes. Say hello to digital, prepopulated templates and forms. Find what you need with just a few clicks, giving you more time to support clients.

Access what you need, when you need it.

Whether you bring your device or use an Agency-provided one, our iOS and Android mobile apps let you take eVero with you everywhere you go.  Our easy-to-use app lets you securely access records and plans, enter documentation right at the service location, or document offline in limited-reception areas. This not only saves you time but also eliminates the need to handwrite notes and then decipher and manually enter them later on.

Minimize errors.

Our 100% paperless platform pulls data directly from source systems, so say goodbye to manual data entry. By reducing the amount of manual inputs, your tasks will be completed faster with higher accuracy rates, saving your team time, expediting your revenue cycle, and empowering your team to focus on more strategic issues. 

Accurately reconcile data.

Submit claims accurately and with confidence! Seamless oversight via built-in checks and balances verifies that all data is accurate and documentation is complete and compliant. If something is wrong, the system will quickly alert you, since catching errors before items are submitted eliminates future costly delays associated with isolating, investigating, and rectifying rejected items.


Easily achieve EVV compliance.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is built directly into our platform, ensuring that every one of your client visits complies with the 21st Century Cures Act.  Use flexible verification options, including our GPS-enabled mobile app, which allows start/stop time and other required EVV data points. We help you easily and accurately record your time, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Be positioned for success.

The eVero Support team is behind you and can be contacted in four different ways – phone, e-mail, web, or chat. Contact us with the method that works best for you!  Plus, eVero Ed, our education and training website is available on demand, whenever you need it. It has a comprehensive library of learning materials. There are also numerous role-specific live and pre-recorded webinars posted each month,  highlighting key features and best practices.

Helping Caregivers focus on care!

I love eVero's mobile app! It saves me time by letting me clock in and out for visitations and input data in real time from my phone. I also like the convenience of directly inputting mileage, monthly summaries, staff activity fees without the need for paper documents. And it keeps it and all in one place!

Rashaunda Henderson

eVero gives me exact hours that I have worked, and lets me quickly and easily track mielage right through the mobile app. I also appreciate the the ability to record daily goals and have them tallied up at the end of the month for ease in doing summaries.


Helps me keep tabs on all the individuals I support and shows the function they perform and how the communicate with peers and staff. I like the way it has pop ups to verify data and remind me when information or documents are missing.

Liz F.
Exceptional Family Resources

eVero is on top of things and always ahead of the curve for the latest and greatest requirements, methods and resources. And they make them readily available and functional in the platform within a reasonable timeframe.

Jessica J.
AIM Services Inc.