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The landscape of I/DD managed care services is ever-changing, where more and more individuals are electing Self-Directed services over the traditional HCBS Waiver services.  However, managing Self-Directed services can be complicated. That’s where eVero comes in.

eVero’s EMPOWER™ module was purpose-built to tackle the unique management and compliance challenges of Self-Direction.  Built upon the eVero platform, EMPOWER™ brings Agency staff, support team members, and Individuals and families together in one digital ecosystem, creating a collaborative and transparent environment where everyone can work together for better outcomes. Integrations, automation, and our native eVeroMobile app streamline everyday operational and compliance tasks, including Electronic Visit Verification, freeing up resources so you can elevate your Self-Direction program to the next level.  

Enable empowerment – from caregiving to living.

EMPOWER™’s digital ecosystem gives the entire care continuum – from I/DD Provider Agencies, Fiscal Intermediaries, Support Brokers, and support staff to the families and individuals they serve – real-time access to documentation, budgets, plans, and schedules. Using the most up-to-date information empowers all team members to make timely, informed decisions, leading to better quality of services and support. 


Get better flow in your workflow.

Say goodbye to manual, time-intensive operational tasks. EMPOWER™’s automated processes and easy-to-use web portal and mobile app simplify things like documentation, tracking meetings, checking in/out of sessions, and submitting receipts and approvals. Built-in data validation and alerting tools, combined with APIs with payroll and billing systems, ensure data accuracy and regulatory compliance, saving your organization time and money. 

Supercharge budget management and transparency.

EMPOWER™ streamlines the Self-Direction budgeting process – from creation to validation to import/ export – allowing you to support more people without adding resources. Real-time reporting on actual spending and remaining dollars provides complete budget transparency for individuals and their families, so they can be confident that they are receiving the approved services. 


Built-in compliance – including EVV.

Remove the regulatory burden from your team. We stay on top of changing state and federal requirements, including Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) and HIPAA/ HITECH best practices, and evolve our platform workflows so you are always compliant. EMPOWER’s flexible EVV data capture options (app, telephone, or FOB) record required data as accurately and efficiently as possible.  

Flexibility to support what’s important to you.

EMPOWER™ is fully customizable for different users, roles, and programs you support, so you configure the system based on your organization’s needs.  System Administrators can modify access and permissions right in the system and can send in-system messages and alerts to all users, groups of users, or one specific user. Reporting options range from high-level to granular, so you can get the exact insight you need when you need it.


Expertise in Self-Direction that you can rely on.

Our expertise is your secret weapon! As the leading Self-Direction software provider in New York State, we’ve gained extensive knowledge about everything from the budget process to billing to compliance to EVV. We leverage that every day to continually evolve our software, apps, processes, and workflows to ensure that our offerings meet program requirements, and exceed the needs of our users.  You can trust and rely on our 20+ years of business in the industry.

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Case Study

Growing I/DD agency doubles Self-Direction caseload.

Community Services for Every1 wanted to expand its Self-Direction program but realized that wasn’t possible if it continued to rely on its existing infrastructure and manual process flow.

After an initial move to a less robust, less expensive software platform created new, unforeseen inefficiencies, this agency turned to eVero to help it increase its Self-Direction program volume and capacity and improve compliance.

Read the full Case Study to learn how eVero helped them improve efficiency, productivity, & transparency while doubling the number of cases they support!

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