The information below includes a brief overview of the eVero brand guidelines. A short description of our company, brand positioning, and mission statement – to be used when describing or writing about eVero.  There are also downloadable logo files in various colors and formats along with our digital & print color codes.  If you need more detailed guidance you can download the full set of guidelines and visual identity at the bottom of the page or reach out to to request any specific files.

About eVero

eVero empowers outcomes for both caregivers and individuals with I/DD. With a proprietary software platform that connects the entire care continuum, our easy-to-use ecosystem optimizes workflows while increasing transparency and productivity. Continually evolving our offerings to support better health outcomes, we’re a place where innovative technology meets human care.

Building technology that optimizes processes to empower individual ability.

To deliver Integrated Care Management to our clients, so that they will have at their immediate disposal the information resources necessary to improve the quality of services they provide.

Where innovative technology meets human care

Empowering Outcomes


Product, App and Attribute Icons

Available upon request





The eVero Logo

PNG – eVero_logo.png
Vector – eVero_logo.svg
PDF – eVero_logo.pdf


PNG – eVero_logo_tagline.png
Vector – eVero_logo_tagline.svg
PDF – eVero_logo_tagline.pdf


PNG – eVero_logo_black.png
Vector – eVero_logo_black.svg
PDF – eVero_logo_black.pdf


*White logo downloads include a transparent background

PNG – eVero_logo_white.png
Vector – eVero_logo_white.svg
PDF – eVero_logo_white.pdf

The eVero Color Palette

eVero Orange

Hex #FD9800
RGB 253 / 152 / 0
CMYK 0 / 40 / 100 / 1

eVero Grey

Hex #727272
RGB 114 / 114 / 114
CMYK 0 / 0 / 0 / 55

eVero Purple

Hex #5909C2
RGB 89 / 9 / 194
CMYK 54 / 95 / 0 / 24

eVero Blue

Hex #31589C
RGB 49 / 88 / 156
CMYK 69 / 44 / 0 / 39


Download the full eVero Style Guide & Visual Identity