A FREE Tool to manage the NYS Self-Direction COLA Retroactive Rate Increase


At eVero, we pride ourselves in staying on top of state and local regulations and updating our platform to best serve our users. On June 15th, New York State OPWDD announced an optional retroactive Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) rate increase for Self-Direction.  The process outlined by OPWDD identified numerous requirements and rigid deadlines, which left many agencies confused and concerned as to how they would be able to accomplish it all in just 5 weeks.

Immediately after this announcement, our Product Management team put a plan in place. They dissected OPWDD’s ADM, identified the varied requirements and deadlines, attended their informational webinar, and worked closely with Software Development to put a dynamic solution in place to help clients meet all these requirements.  And they did it in FIVE BUSINESS DAYS!


“eVALIDATE™ is a game changer!  I can’t imagine how we would navigate the COLA requirements without the tools that eVero has created. Your responsiveness to the needs of our FI teams has been so tremendously appreciated.  Thank you so much eVero team!”

            – Rebecca Mack -Director of Customized Support, Heritage Christian Services

Introducing: eVero eVALIDATE™

To help agencies manage the processes associated with this rate change, our team was able to craft a dynamic online tool, eVALIDATE™, within just 5 business days of OPWDD’s announcement.   eVALIDATE™ will provide you with the insight and transparency you need to stay on top of all these new COLA rate adjustment requirements and deadlines!

eVALIDATE™ isn’t just for assistance with COLA rates but a great tool that can completely revamp how your agency’s budgeting processes!

Best of all, since eVero is committed to helping all members of the community, we are making eVALIDATE™ available to all NewYork agencies that manage Self-Direction budgets for FREE, even if they are not currently eVero users.

Benefits of eVALIDATE™

eVALIDATE™ puts your team in complete control of your budgeting effort by simplifying processes, increasing accuracy and improving transparency.

Online Budget Management

Effortlessly upload draft budgets individually or in bulk, streamlining your budget management process and saving valuable time and effort.

Proactive Quality Assurance 

eVALIDATE ensures accuracy by meticulously validating data, identifying potential issues before submission to OPWDD, reducing the risk of errors.

Effortless Status Tracking

Proactively monitor the status of all budgets you have in queue with real-time updates on their progress, allowing you to plan and allocate resources effectively.

Easy Team Collaboration

Add comments highlighting key points and changes to keep your entire team up to date, fostering better coordination and ensuring everyone has the latest information.

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