eVero Mobile Applications

Turn your phone into a powerful extension of your agency.

As technology evolves, so does your need to deliver support services to a wider group of people. Many people need quick, secure access to data that is reliable, easily shareable, fully encrypted, and accurate in real-time. That's where our industry-leading mobile apps come in.

Please note that the eVero apps are only available for download through our website; you won't find them in the App Store or Google Play. Click here to learn more.

digitalAGENCY™ Mobile

For Electronic Health Record management on the go. Take our EHR system right into the palm of your hands! Access data 24/7/365 and always know that you're HIPAA, HITECH Act, and CURES Act compliant. Now, you can deliver quicker, higher quality care as digitalAGENCY™ Mobile helps to keep you in complete control of the EHR you manage.

Download digitalAGENCY™ Mobile

MyCarePortal™ for Self-Direction

A mobile app for Individuals & Families using Self-Direction. The MyCarePortal™ makes accessing your Self-Direction Budget easier than ever before. Choose your Circle of Support, grant access to your dashboard as you see fit, upload invoices, received automated monthly expenditure reports, approve Self-Hired Staff billable time, and so much more — all from the comfort of your smartphone.

Download the MyCarePortal™ App

eVero Telehealth™ Mobile

For Agencies that support Telehealth services. To reduce person-to-person contact, many Agencies have the opportunity to provide Telehealth services, or care provided by remote means of telecommunications. eVero Telehealth™ Mobile brings the eVero Telehealth solution to the palm of your hands, allowing Individuals and families to connect to the eVero Telehealth conference session on their mobile device.

Download eVero Telehealth™ Mobile