Earlier this month members of the eVero Outreach team visited the Nassau BOCES Rosemary Kennedy Center to conduct a fun and informative Interview Readiness seminar. Two of our Outreach team members were nice enough to share their perspectives on the day:

“I always look forward to volunteering with my colleagues at eVero Outreach events, and on March 12th, we were able to visit Nassau BOCES to help guide others who need a little push in the right direction.

We met Supervisor Mary Jo and Counselor Kim whom introduced us to 2 groups of students, one group who were on their way to graduating and a second, less group who were working on obtaining their first job. Both groups were filled with amazing, strong individuals, some who were very organized, and others who loved meeting new people! Celine and David from eVero were the group leaders and reviewed ‘Countdown to the interview” best practices, and Joe and Scott lead question and answer sessions with the audiences, which included fun trivia questions. I provided help when students needed help or clarification on a question, and awarded prizes for correct answers.

I’d say it was a very fun day, and reminded me that one of the things that I’m so grateful for as an eVero employees is eVero Outreach.”

Melissa Longo eVero Support Triage Technician, and Outreach Program volunteer.


“The event at the Rosemary Kennedy Center was exciting for me because it was the first time I had done public speaking since I exited High School. I also was my first time attending an eVero Outreach event outside the office, besides entertainment events. I was happy to see Mrs. Kennedy again and tell her about my transformation in the years since I left school.

At the start of the day I helped prep the Auditorium for the presentations, and by 9:30 the first class with over 20 students came in to learn about the work readiness. Jeannine from our team first discussed how to prepare for a job interview, and David did a slide show on what to do before and on the day of interview. They reviewed how to dress for success, what to bring, good hygiene and the need to leave plenty of time for the arrival before the time of the interview. He also had tips, like to use Google Maps or Waze to plan the route to your destination. He reminded everyone to prepare for questions about work history, work skills, strengths, weaknesses, and goals.

For the Trivia Game Joseph and I took turns asking questions to the audience while Melissa handed out prizes when someone got the answer right. After the trivia game was over, the whole class applauded because the event turned out great. We took a couple minutes break to wait for the next class, when the next class came in, there a lot more students and staffs than I expected. This time Celene did the presentation, and Joseph and I still did the trivia games

My favorite parts of the event was explaining to the class on how to go to get ready for the interviews, going over the interview dos and don’ts in the trivia game, and seeing Mrs. Kennedy again. Hopefully I will get to do to more events like this and maybe make a slideshow on my years of working in different jobs and environments. “

Scott Weisbrot, eVero Receptionist, and Outreach Program volunteer.


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