Celebrating a Milestone Birthday!

This month, we celebrated a big milestone birthday for our CEO & President, Christos Morris.

Thank you to our Business Manager, Jeannine Azan, and everyone in eVero Engage for putting together a wonderful luncheon! Nearly every New York-based employee came into the office to celebrate Christos, and our Life is a Highway party was a blast.

In addition to the luncheon, eVero employees competed in Car-and-Spoon races (a fun twist on the classic Egg-and-spoon races you might know of). Our Client Support Manager, Nathalie Herrera, won first prize in the races — really showing off that speedy eVero support!

Please scroll down to check out photos from the event!

The Décor

Jeannine and eVero Engage truly outdid themselves with this party setup!
We were properly fueled up before the big races. ?

The Party

The man of the hour has arrived! ?
These ‘5’ and ‘0’ piñatas were handmade by our very own Client Support Manager (and expert racer) Nathalie!

Everyone was excited to watch each-other race!
Spotted in the wild: The wave (currently “mid-tide”)
Christos & Costa emptied out the piñatas before we had a chance to brawl it out.
Keibway & Alyssa smiling for the camera!

The Gift

Casey presenting Christos with his birthday gift! (Wonder what it could be??)

Christos Morris, CEO & President: The Bobble-Head Edition

The Big Races

Our Car-and-Spoon Racetrack — conveniently located in the middle of the eVero office!
A run-down of the rules quickly revealed how tough this was going to be…

Did Pete’s car fall immediately after making eye contact? …Who’s reeeally to say?
THE FINALISTS in our Car-and-Spoon races: John, Nathalie, Gene, Jared, and Mike.

In both rounds, Nathalie Herrera (Client Support Manager) showed off her speed, solidly taking first place!!
Congratulations to our Car-and-Spoon race winners! (From left to right: Mike, Nathalie, and John)