Disability Voting Rights Week 2021!

National Disability Voter Registration Week (NDVRW) 2021 is from September 13th to September 20th, 2021.

Voting access is incredibly important for every person over the age of 18. To increase the political power and advocacy of people with disabilities, National Disability Voter Registration Week focuses on sharing resources and getting folks registered to vote.

In the 2020 elections, there were 38 million eligible voters with disabilities — but only 17.7 million of those people participated in the election. Each September, the American Association of People with Disabilities works to build the power of voter registration, education, and engagement through the “REV Up” campaign. This nonpartisan initiative is composed of state and local coalitions that all aim to advance the disability vote. REV UP stands for ‘Register! Educate! Vote! Use your Power!’

This week, our community will come together to raise the disability voice and civic participation across the country in 2021 and beyond! Please follow the link below to help:

National Disability Voter Registration Week Initiative