There are multiple ways to learn about the benefits of our software releases

At eVero we take pride in continually evolving our software platform and mobile apps with new features and enhancements designed to make our clients’ lives easier.  We use a variety of methods to communicate these changes to all users, including written documentation and live webinars, and this month we are adding some additional resources to further help users become familiar with key items featured in a release.  including pre-recorded video snapshot summaries, a condensed release note ‘feature/benefit’ guide, and a live Q&A session.

Below is a complete list of all the resources we make available for users for each software release:

  • RELEASE NOTES –  A detailed log of  all the items contained in the release are available on eVero Ed two weeks prior to each release.  The Release Notes tab on eVero Ed contains a full library of current and past releases, in chronological order.
  • SNAPSHOT RELEASE VIDEOS –  Videos highlighting key features of each release will now be pre-recorded and posted on eVero Ed within one week before the scheduled update. These short videos will lead users through all of the major product updates, enhancements, and changes they can expect from the upcoming release.
  • NEW: KEY FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS DOC  – The snapshot videos will be accompanied by a new Value Proposition Document that will provide a condensed overview of the release, highlighting the major updates, enhancements, and changes in an easy-to-read and understand infographic format.
  • NEW: Q&A WEBINAR –  The Education & Training team will provide users an opportunity to submit release specific questions and comments via email to These submissions will be addressed during a live Q&A session that will be held after the scheduled release. The deadline for each of these release submissions can be found in the Release Note Document under the Release Summary section.