Autism Awareness Month and Advocacy

by Scott Weisbrott, eVero Receptionist

Today is Autism Awareness Day, which is a part of Autism Awareness Month. It is the day to spread the world to help people with neurodiversity. Every person with Autism is different, but all have something like a special gift, like a talent or special interest.  When they come out of their own shell they may act different than most neurotypical people, but that’s okay. Some may have difficulty with social skills and coping with other people. Others may have a sensory overload or prefer to do things by themselves. Some have hobbies and like tv shows, music, cars, art, sports and other things.

It’s important for people to understand that people in the Autistic Population may act different, but have feelings but may have trouble expressing their feelings. It’s also important to educate schools about Autism because students with Autism want to fit in with other neurotypical people.

Someday I would like see the media show Autistic individuals that are entrepreneurs, who are creative with something that they enjoy which they turn it into a business. It would also be great to show that autistic people can do anything like, travel, explore life, live independently and have the rich lifestyle, so they can be accepted like most people in this world.