Comprehensive HIPAA & Regulatory Compliance

Maintaining compliance can be costly and confusing. Protect your data with Compliance-as-a-Service.

While HIPAA outlines many of the IT compliance objectives your agency must adhere to, it doesn’t tell you how to achieve those objectives. We have an extensive history serving the Health & Human Services marketplace, and are deeply in tune with the compliance risks and guidelines specific to this industry.

By letting us concentrate on keeping your data compliant, you can put your focus where it’s needed most — on providing exceptional care services.

Some of the unique benefits of Compliance-as-a-Service from eVero:

Increased efficiency, lowered costs, and no more surprises.

Proactive tools, including data encryption, log monitoring, and access management.

Visibility into risks so that you can coordinate quick remediation.

Automated vulnerability scans and network probing to ensure compliancy on an ongoing, reliable basis.

Specially-tailored Policies & Procedures implemented throughout the organization to keep you ahead.

On-demand access to your security information while keeping sensitive data private, compliant, and secure.

What are HIPAA and ePHI?

ePHI is electronic protected health information. Any health information that is produced, saved, transferred, or received in an electronic form is considered ePHI. This information must be kept secure and private at all times, as outlined by the HIPAA Security Rule — which was passed by US Congress in 1996. HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, outlines how to properly manage ePHI in the United States in a way that protects the consumer.

All hospitals, doctors’ offices, health insurance providers, and human services agencies must abide by the HIPAA Security Rule guidelines. Whenever ePHI is handled, you must be able to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all aspects of this data.

HIPAA Compliance Process Automation

Never worry over surprise audits or data integrity issues again. Our Compliance-as-a-Service package takes your agency's compliance to the next level. eVero will automate the collection of the data you need, analyze it for you, and provide you with dynamic remediation services to address liabilities.

We always include automated reporting and scans to keep constant watch over the integrity of your data, as set forth by HIPAA and regulatory compliance guidelines. This allows us to proactively uncover and mediate potential breaches, network issues, and vulnerabilities.

Our CaaS package will put your agency on a fast-track to reliable, well-maintained compliancy. Get audit-ready in a matter of days — not months.

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    Not enough can be said about the incredible customer service at eVero. Even when everything is falling apart, you can pick up the phone and know they’re there to help you, which gives you all the peace of mind you could need. As the Chief Operating Officer, I couldn’t ask for anything better than the customer service, time, and support provided by the staff at eVero.
    Mary Knox
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    eVero has helped to reduce the amount of time spent in calculating the remaining hours for individuals in our employment programs.
    Yeimi Korsberg
    Director of Employment Options at LifeStyles for the Disabled
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    Enter eVero, who introduced us to a system that digitized the entire process and cut immeasurable time. This now allows our managers to provide more support to their staff, as well as a greater presence within the homes of the families with whom we provide supports and services.
    Bryan Rothenstein
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