The eVero team had an eggg-cellent time at our second annual Peeps Eggstravaganza!

Our annual spring celebration was filled with fun and some healthy competition. Over the last couple of weeks, we had four teams working together to create their own spring-themed Peep dioramas, and with an overarching beach theme, you will definitely feel like spring has sprung here in our office! All of the submissions were crafted using Peeps, snack foods, and office supplies, and after a surprise visit from the Easter bunny, our panel of judges took some time to determine a winner. The panel used five categories to grade each entry – concept, creativity, craftsmanship, complexity, and overall appearance. Surprisingly enough our winners (the blue team) were the only ones who decided to not go with the beach theme and their Mario Kart-inspired Rainbow Road diorama drove them to first place.

The winning team received tickets to a suite to a Long Island Ducks game,  the runners-up earned lunch at Fogo de Chao.  The third-place team won …. a set of steak knives. 😉