As more people move towards a model of Self-Direction for managing I/DD services — and away from Traditional HCBS Waiver services — a lot of questions are being raised regarding how to best manage these unique Budgets.

With increased freedom over their Budget, a person Self-Directing their support services can pursue exactly what best fits their needs.

While the Individual is now able to make the decision as to how they would like to manage their Budget, they have more responsibility regarding documentation, and monitoring how much of their Budget is spent vs. how much is left. With the help of their care team and circle of support, and especially their FI (Fiscal Intermediary), the Individual and their family need to see how much of their Budget has been spent in order to manage the remainder wisely.

While Self-Direction comes with greater freedom of choice, it also clearly comes with greater responsibility. In most cases, the Individual is responsible for providing all of the relevant (and oftentimes daily) receipts and invoices to their Fiscal Intermediary for reimbursement or payment.

This process can become more transparent and simplified through technology, and the MyCarePortal™ Mobile Application is eVero’s market-leading solution to the complexity of managing your own Budget.

How does the MyCarePortal™ and its technology provide insight?

The MyCarePortal™ is a Native Mobile App for managing Self-Direction services. The MyCarePortal™ App — available for both Android or iOS — allows Individuals and their families to log in to a secure, compliant, and accessible system real-time; providing a clear breakdown of how much money has been spent and how much remains. This provides much-needed transparency when it comes to managing one’s Self-Direction Budget.

When submitting receipts and invoices via paper through the mail, it’s difficult to know where things are in the process. Oftentimes, Individuals and families are calling in to check on the status of various items, which can be frustrating and time consuming for the Individual, their circle of support, and the FI agency. This is time that is much better spent working with caregivers, rather than squandered on unnecessary phone calls.

Additionally, the MyCarePortal™ App for Self-Direction ensures full compliance with Electronic Visit Verification — woven into the bedrock of our system from the get-go, available at no additional charge.

The MyCarePortal™ App also allows Individuals and their families to retain employer authority with ease. They’re able to check staff activity, adjust hours, and access payment information right in the app — a process that is cumbersome and non-compliant relying on paper process.

For Fiscal Intermediary Provider Agencies, the availability of a Native Mobile App can greatly improve the customer service provided to the Individual and their family. The Individual is always able to access and manage their Budget using the MyCarePortal™ app — and this transparency and ease-of-access helps you provide the best possible care services.

Not interested in a Mobile App?

If you’d rather access everything online, we have a solution for that, as well: The MyeVeroPortal.

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